Office Closure 2/16/21

To our patients,
Due to unprecedented weather conditions and power outages, our office remains closed at this time. We will be reassessing the situation daily and will keep you updated on any changes. Our internet access has also been effected which may effect availability of our virtual visit platform. We will be checking our office phone lines for messages and will schedule virtual visits when possible to meet your needs. If you have an urgent medical concern and left a message at the office and haven’t heard back from us ( since phone service has been effected as well in some instances) please call our after hours number at 972-974-5884.

Remember to stay warm: dress in layers. If you have a multi-story home, the upstairs is warmer. Stay well hydrated. Check on elderly or frail neighbors and family. Keep faucets dripping to decrease risk of pipe damage.

Dr. Touchstone and staff