Coronavirus Update March 2021

It was announced today that the governor has decided to lift mandatory mask requirements and allow businesses to reopen to full capacity. I would like you to know that we hold the health of you and your family in the highest regard and are committed to providing a safe medical environment. To that end, masks for patients over age 2 and social distancing will continue to be required of all patients who are seen in our office. Other procedures such as limiting the number of patients in waiting areas and in treatment areas, as well as covid risk screening, will also remain in effect until further notice. I encourage all high risk patients to seek vaccination as early as possible as the prevalence of COVID is likely to increase in the next 3-4 weeks as people gather in greater numbers, many without masks.

In the last year, we have learned how to stay safe. Covid, though decreased, is still in our community. Please continue to mask up in crowds, practice social distancing, wash hands frequently, and if you don’t feel well or have contact with a person who has Covid, get tested and self quarantine until you have your results.
Please do not hesitate to contact our office for any health related concerns.

Dr. Touchstone and staff

Office Closure 2/16/21

To our patients,
Due to unprecedented weather conditions and power outages, our office remains closed at this time. We will be reassessing the situation daily and will keep you updated on any changes. Our internet access has also been effected which may effect availability of our virtual visit platform. We will be checking our office phone lines for messages and will schedule virtual visits when possible to meet your needs. If you have an urgent medical concern and left a message at the office and haven’t heard back from us ( since phone service has been effected as well in some instances) please call our after hours number at 972-974-5884.

Remember to stay warm: dress in layers. If you have a multi-story home, the upstairs is warmer. Stay well hydrated. Check on elderly or frail neighbors and family. Keep faucets dripping to decrease risk of pipe damage.

Dr. Touchstone and staff

Coronavirus Announcement

Dear Touchstone Internal Medicine and Pediatrics family,


Though we are currently living in a time of uncertainty and in some cases, fear, our staff will continue to be available to support you and manage your health care needs.   I ask you to remember that we are a resilient people. We have come through adversity in the past, even plague in the past, and emerged from the challenge stronger and better prepared.   I ask that you stay calm during this time, be good neighbors, support one another, buy only what you need for your family.  Take this time to get spend time with one another, have those meaningful conversations that you haven’t had time for.  Eat a healthy, low sugar diet.  Take a walk outside every day.   Take time to pray or meditate.  Remember, this shall pass.  Stay home, wash your hands frequently, don’t gather in groups, maintain 6 ft of distance from another person when out and about, sneeze or cough into your elbow.  Do not touch your face. Take extra care at supermarkets and gas stations.

To protect you and our staff, we have made some changes to decrease the risk of infection to you and our staff:

  • No drop in visits.  Call for appointments or book a virtual visit online.  If you think you need to be seen in clinic, you will be asked screening questions for possible SARS-2 infection.
  • We are booking most visits as virtual visits. This includes follow-ups for Diabetes, High blood pressure, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, etc. Insurance counts telehealth visits the same as in-office visits meaning co-pays and deductibles apply and we have to collect them by contract.   Co-pays per recent declaration are waved for visits related to COVID-19.   We have a flat fee for cash pay virtual visits.
  • The following appointments are seen in office: Pediatric well visits, newborn to 18 who need routine vaccines, and newborn hospital follow-ups. All other well visits will be scheduled out 3 months in the hopes that the state of emergency is lifted; any sick visit that we can’t properly evaluate via a virtual visit.  Examples include some abdominal pain, chest pain, passing out, etc.  Call first. We will screen to see how best to manage your concern.
  • All respiratory complaints will be screened for covid-19 risk. If you or child have respiratory symptoms with or with out fever, call office. We will determine whether we will see you in office, do a curb side evaluation, or a virtual visit.  If you are asked to come in, please mask yourself or your child. Let the office know if you do not have a mask.
  • CALL US before your appointment if you are scheduled for an in-office visit and develop fever, shortness of breath, cough or loss of taste/smell on the day of your appointment. We will evaluate you via virtual visit or at curbside.
  • Every one who comes into the office will be screened for fever.
  • Only the patient will be allowed in the office for the visit. In the case of our pediatric patients, only one parent allowed with the sick patient(s) and no well siblings.
  • Pediatrics: We have temporarily removed toys and books from the rooms.  This is because the virus can live for varying amounts of time on surfaces and these are harder to clean.  Please bring a favorite toy or book to your visit if needed.   We can’t wait to put our new toys and books soon!

Remember, we are here for you.  Together, we Will get through this tough time.  Please be on the look out for second email on virtual visits.



Dr. Touchstone and staff